Why you should start your own business in 2022? 

Is it Really Worth Starting Your Own Business?

4 main factors

 Current Financial Condition

Individual Personality

Family and Friends Influence

Long Term Goals


How to start your own business?.

a. Choose a business niche

b. Pick a business name

c. Market validation

d. Register your business

Pros and Cons of starting a business


1. Be your own boss

2. Pick a lot of skills

3. Financial growth, Income

4. Feeling of ownership


1.affect personal life if you don’t know how to balance the two

2. Extra work hours to validate your business

3. Time, money and resource management can be stressful

4. Keep up with Legal

Self-employed businesses that you can start right-away

1. Selling products on marketplace (Etsy, Amazon, Ebay or business website)

2. Become YouTuber

3. Affiliate Marketing

4. Writing Courses and eBooks

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