Revealed: Top 10 States Most Eager to move House This Year


Based on Google Trends Data Analysis


South Carolina has highest search volumes for phrases "Sell house", "move house" and "move home"


North Carolina has 3rd highest proportion searching for "moving home"

#3 Arkansas

Based on the Study, people in Arkansas wants to relocate to Texas.

#4 Georgia

Georgia has the third-highest population ratio searching for both terms "move house" and "sell house"

#5 Alabama

Alabama has 12th highest search volume ranking for "move house".

#6 Delaware

Delawareans are second highest searcher for term "mortgage"

#7 Texas

Texas has the ninth-highest population ratio searching for "move house".

#8 Ohio

Ohio has the ninth-highest level of searches for the term ‘sell house’ and the third-highest for the search term ‘houses for sale’

#9 Kentucky

Kentucky ranks sixth for the term ‘houses for sale’.

#10 Indiana

Indiana is the eighteenth of 50 states searching for a “Mortgage”.