Live Rent-Free and Get Paid: 10 Dream Jobs with Housing


While many jobs have benefits like health insurance and vacation pay, people looking to save money should focus on their biggest expense: housing. Some jobs offer incentives that can help with this.

Here are 10 jobs that offer housing as part of the compensation package.


Military personnel also receive a housing allowance and moving benefits to ease the transition.

#1 Military Personnel

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#2 Pilot 

 Commercial airlines, private jet companies, and other organizations that employ pilots often provide accommodations for pilots while they are away from home.

Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) abroad often comes with the benefit of having free accommodation. Many employers provide teachers with housing opportunities.

#3 TEFL Teacher 

Hotels offer accommodation to their hotel managers to provide them with close access to the property and ensure they are available for any required tasks after hours.

#4 Hotel Manager 

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