Selling Feet Picture

Some people might not believe, while others might cringe, but selling feet picture online is a legit business. People are able to turn this side hustle into a full-time income!

Feet Picture Marketplace

Besides Etsy, you can sell feet pictures on: - Feetify - Instafeet - Shtterstock -

Why Etsy?

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Simple & Easy to create listings Huge Customer base Fewer competition Easy ads setup Off-site ads

Who buys feet pics?

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Fashion & Beauty product merchandiser life-style & fitness coach personal care establishment Foot fetish Bloggers & Authors

How to sell feet pictures on Etsy?

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Create seller account Set up your store Add feet listings Promote your listings

How to not get scammed?

Keep personal information private Do not share personal information with clients Keep communication professional Keep transactions within the app or seller platform

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