15 Legit Ways to Get Free Money Fast

1. Unclaimed Money

There are millions of dollars in unclaimed money in cash, checks, money orders, safe deposit boxes, and security deposits.


Child Care Development Fund

Student Aid

Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program

Federal Pell Grant for Education

2. Government Assistance

3. Cash Back and Coupons

Credit Cards

Honey- Browser Extenion

Rakuten($10 Signup Bonus)

Ibotta ($5 signup Bonus)

Rebate Key

4. Save Money on Monthly Bills

1. Truebill

2. Trim

5. Consolidate Your Debt

6. Earn a Credit Card Sign-Up Bonus

7. Bank Bonuses

8. Get Free Money Playing Games

9. Refinance Student Loans or Mortgage

Survey Junkie


Frozen Persimmon Custard








10. Survey Websites and Aps

11. Get Free Stocks

Public.com (Up to $300 in Free Stock)

Webull (Up to $2,000 in Free Stock)

M1 Finance ($30 Bonus)

Robinhood (Free Stock for Signing Up)

Stash ($5 Signup Bonus)

Acorns ($5 Signup and Referral Bonuses)

12. Other Apps with Sign Up Bonuses

Personal Capital ($20 Signup Bonus)

Groundfloor ($10 Bonus)

13. Capital One Shopping

14. Sell Your Stuff

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