43 Must-Know Money Saving Tips for Expecting Parents


(How to Get Ahead Financially)

Are you having a baby? Congrats! Having a baby is expensive; it can be tough saving money for expecting parents.

Read on to see the advice and how you can save money on your little bundle of (expensive) joy.


Save your money slowly and in a different savings or bank account  For example, if I’m contributing $1,700 per month to our bills, I need to save $42.10 per week. It’s worked for baby #1, baby #2, and now baby #3!

Save Money Slowly

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Buy Used

Babies outgrow their stuff so quickly that it doesn’t make sense to buy everything brand new. Check out Facebook marketplace for gently used baby items

Sign up for a library card! From board books to storytimes to online access to educational videos and apps, libraries have so much to offer for FREE.

Sign Up For A Library Card!

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