How Much Does a YouTuber with 100K Subscribers Make?

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Creating content on YouTube is a great way to gain recognition, reach an audience virtually anywhere in the world, and make money simultaneously. But how much do YouTubers with 100K subscribers make? 

A YouTube with 100K subscribers can expect to earn $1,000 and $6,000 in average monthly ad revenue. The income is not always guaranteed and straightforward. Various factors impact the YouTube Channel’s earnings. 

This blog post outlines the potential income sources and estimated earnings for a YouTuber with 100K subscribers.

How Much Does a YouTuber with 100K Subscribers Make?

A YouTube channel with 100,000 subscribers is a milestone. However, predicting potential earnings for this milestone can be difficult and will vary depending on the content, niche, video location, and monetization type used. 

Content creators with 100K subscribers can expect to make estimated annual gross earnings between $12,000 and $72,000 in YouTube ad revenue. However the earning is not always guaranteed. The estimate also excludes other revenue forms such as sponsorship deals or affiliate links: merchandise, or crowdfunding.

Average Ad Revenue per 1,000 Views/Subscriber

The amount earned will vary depending on several factors when estimating potential revenue from YouTube ads and other revenue streams. 

YouTubers earn an estimated average of $2-$4 per 1,000 views. It is called Cost per 100 ad impressions (CPM). After deducting YouTube’s share, they’ll receive only a percentage of the CPM.   

The amount received is typically based on audience engagement and the content being offered, so it’s crucial to ensure viewers get something of value in return.

Factors affecting YouTubers with 100K Subs’ Earnings

With 100,000 subscribers, YouTubers have the potential to earn significant amounts of money from their videos. However, there are a variety of factors that can impact earnings.

The types and number of ads served within a video, the specific content topics covered in each video, and the length and quality of each video make a significant difference in making money on YouTube. 

Creators should stay up-to-date with YouTube’s policies and trends to ensure their content is fresh, competitive, and engaging. 

Content Release Frequency

The frequency at which content is released is the key to YouTubers’ success. Establishing a consistent content release schedule is essential for retaining viewers and engaging with audience members who have subscribed to your channel. 

Creating content regularly can help new subscribers discover your channel more quickly. It also helps engage existing subscribers by regularly entertaining them with fresh content. 

Adding new ideas to your content calendar helps grow an online presence.

Viewer Engagement & Retention Rate

Viewer engagement and retention are necessary to ensure YouTubers’ success with 100,000 subscribers. 

Therefore, YouTubers should create engaging content that motivates viewers to subscribe to the channel. Implementing viewer interaction tactics such as responding to comments or hosting giveaways can foster further community involvement and help build longer-term relationships with viewers.

You should also invest time in SEO optimization of the video titles and descriptions to reach a large audience through organic search traffic.

Niche & Content Quality/Relevance

When creating content for a YouTube channel, focusing on a niche and creating high-quality content relevant to the given topic is essential. 

Establishing yourself as an expert in a specific field can help build trust within the community and improve your chances of success. The engaging and informative content can enhance viewers’ watching experience. YouTubers must keep up with current trends, schedule content releases, and provide relevant information.

YouTubers’ Income Source 

Content Creator can generate income in various ways, from brand collaborations, sponsorships, and affiliate programs to merchandising. 

They can make a living off their channels and turn passion into profit with the right strategy. 

The key is to create content that resonates with viewers on an emotional level, build relationships with other creators and brands, and find monetization sources that best fit your channel’s goals.

YouTube Ad Revenue

YouTube ad revenue is one of the most popular ways to make money on YouTube. You can make money from ads that appear in or around your videos and advertisements that play before or after a video. 

Advertisers compete against each other for ad space and views. The amount of money YouTube pays per view depends on the type of ad and its cost-per-click (CPC). 

The more people click an ad, the more money an advertiser pays YouTube, and thus, more money for the content creators.

Brand Sponsorships/Product Placements

Brand sponsorships and product placements are great ways to monetize a YouTube channel. This form of monetization involves partnering with brands or businesses that fit your channel’s content and target demographic. 

Depending on the agreement, you could receive a lump sum up-front, free products or services in exchange for brand mentions, or earn a commission per sale or leads through your videos. 

Collaborating with multiple brands can substantially increase your monthly income and ultimately lead to a full-time career on YouTube.

Patreon/Donation Platform Support

Patreon and donation platforms are great ways to make money on YouTube without relying solely on advertising revenue. Followers can support their favorite creators with recurring payments or one-time donations using the creators’ Patreon page. 

While donations may bring in a different amount of money than ad revenues, they can still provide an essential source of income for content creators.

How You Can Become a Successful YouTuber?

A YouTuber is someone who creates and shares videos on YouTube. They can produce anything from comedic skits, vlogs, music videos, live streams, and more.

You must have a deep passion for creating content and perseverance to find success on YouTube. You also need an interesting concept that sets your channel apart from the others and consistently churns out quality and engaging content that entertains viewers. 

Content creation takes time, dedication, and hard work to master the craft – but it’s certainly possible to gain subscribers with the right strategy and mindset.

YouTube Channel Monetization Requirements

YouTube Channel monetization is not available to everyone. You must meet the prerequisites to make money through the channel to participate in the YouTube Partner Program (YPP). Your channel must meet the following requirements:

  • Over 1,000 subscribers
  • Over 4000 watch hours within the last 12 months
  • An AdSense account
  • Must accept YouTube’s monetization policies
  • No active community guidelines strikes

Besides the YouTube Partner Program, numerous other ways to make money from a YouTube channel include brand collaborations, affiliate programs, sponsorships, and merchandising.


If you want to be a successful YouTuber making money, the key is understanding your revenue-generating options. Estimating potential revenue through ads or other revenue streams like sponsorships, affiliate links, and product placements can be tricky – but with some research and creativity, anyone can become a successful YouTuber. 

So why not get started today and begin making money today?