Superchat live stream – how do superchats on YouTube work?

How do superchats on YouTube work?

If you search for ways to make money online, you’ll see YouTube mentioned in every list. Affiliate marketing, brand partnership, promotion, google AdSense, and whatnot- YouTube covers a wide range of income-generating options. With the addition of superchats, YouTube is stepping into the live streaming space, giving extra leverage to the content creators to support their YouTube channels.

What are YouTube super chats?

YouTube super chats are YouTube’s way of connecting content creators with their fans through highlighted chat messages. YouTube rolled it out back in 2007, which provides content creators a new stream of income. It is best at what it does; it promotes user engagement and helps their favorite YouTube creators. The (super) chat stays on top of the live chat, shows up in a distinct color, and stands out.

The superchats are not free. During a YouTube live stream, viewers can use the chat feature to donate to their favorite content creators along with their text.

Super chat facts

The viewers can donate from $1 to $500 per day and a maximum of $2,000 per week on super chat and super stickers. Superchips are highlighted in color (based on the amount) and pinned to the top. All viewers can see the contributor’s name and donation amount.

Super chats are limited to 200 characters and a maximum of 11 submissions for each viewer every 30 seconds. The super chat and super sticker contributions are non-refundable.

The maximum length a super chat stays on the live stream is 5 hours when a super fan sends a 500 dollar contribution. Subsequently, for every 100 dollars, the superchat is pinned for an equal number of hours.

You need to monetize your channel to turn on super chat. It is available for content creators from specific locations.

Super Chats are not available if your content is age-restricted, unlisted, private, or made for kids. Also, super chat and super stickers must be turned on or made available by content Creators. It is not available on the premieres, and videos consist of music owned by a third party.

How does YouTube Super chat work?

Superchat is functionality available only during YouTube Livestream when viewers can select and send messages in live chat. Anyone can click on the pinned message to see details.

Superchat is an opportunity for viewers to interact with their favorite content creators. Similarly, it is also an opportunity for the content creator to appreciate the fans’ contribution. It is an excellent way to make additional money on YouTube.

How much does YouTube take from Super chats?

Superchat money is an actual donation for a content creator. It helps support creators. 30% of the superchat money goes to YouTube, while 70% goes to the content creator. The percentage is specified in YouTube’s super Chat terms of Agreement. It is a fee that YouTube charges to all the Content Creator for providing the Livestream platform and handling the payment processing system.

The 70/30 revenue split between YouTube and content creators is an additional income source for creators. It creates a platform for creators where they focus only on creating great content and interacting with their fans.

Super chat money, just like YouTube video monetization, goes to a Google Adsense account. It usually takes around 30 days to clear the funds. If you’ve received several donations during live chat, you do not need to do anything to redeem them.

How to enable super Chat on YouTube?

You can enable Super Chats under monetization in the “Super” section, and the process is straightforward. Once enabled, it will be available to all eligible streams and premieres. Content creators do not require to turn on super chats during each live stream.

In Conclusion

Superchats are great ways of connecting with their favorite content creators for fans. Similarly, creators can show gratitude to their super fans by mentioning their name and a short thank you message to every contributor. It improves the relationship between the viewers and the creators. It is an excellent way to make extra money for a YouTuber that was only limited to monetized videos.