Energizing Your Home Office With Simple & Affordable Office Décor

Energize your home office with decor

Working from home has recently become a reality for many people. So, what makes your office a productive oasis for you? For some, it’s the accessories on your desk. For others, the surroundings draw their attention when they need a break from the screen. If you’re revamping your home office, you need inspiration for some office decor ideas that may appeal to you.

Fresh New Look

Sometimes a fresh coat of paint makes all the difference in the world. If your home office could be brighter, imagine how a new cheery color may change your mindset. Or if you add new wallpaper with a remarkable pattern to one of your walls. Find the ideal paint or wallpaper and watch for sales. This DIY task is something that you can do in a single day – you’ll wish you had made this change sooner!

Desk Accessories 

Your desk or workstation is all about organization. Whatever you use each week must be within easy reach and serve a functional purpose. Depending on your occupation, you may need stationery, a monitor stand to raise your monitor to eye level, an ergonomic keyboard, and mouse, a desk lamp, or a desk organizer. All these items can contribute to a productive work environment. In addition to what you need to be productive, you may also want one or two sentimental items on your desk—a unique photo, figurine, or artwork. 

Shelves and Bookcases

Sometimes, simply organizing your work area does wonder for your mental health. A place for everything and everything in its place is especially true for your work environment. If you have books, reference material, binders, etc., scattered around your office, a shelving unit or bookcase will improve your productivity by tidying up your workspace. With a shelving unit, you can add a plant, favorite photos, or books that are pleasing to the eyes. You may also choose to add a “knick knack shelf” to one wall of your office. These long narrow shelves are perfect forever small photos, plants, or mementos.


It may be time to upgrade your furniture to something more functional. With thorough research, you will be able to find something in your price range, even better, something on sale. Desks can be very basic to high-end. Your preference may be a desk with or without drawers, L-shaped, square, or rectangular to suit the layout of your home office. 

You may be interested in a standing desk converter that raises your monitor to eye level when standing – great for blood circulation so that you’re not sitting for hours on end. When you are sitting, you may want an ergonomic chair. The price range varies because you can purchase something basic, ergonomic, or an executive padded tall leather chair. For your long-term comfort, if possible, you’ll want to test the store chair to ensure it’s everything you need. 


Plants can be placed anywhere in your home office. You may want a small plant on your desk, bookcase, or window sill. You may wish to have a hanging plant draping down your shelving unit, or you may have room for a floor plant. Whatever your preference, plants are beneficial in serving three purposes. They clean the air by taking in carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen, reduce stress and anxiety, and add color to your home office. Don’t have a green thumb? No worries. Many stores offer plastic plants that look so realistic that you can’t tell they’re fake unless you touch them. No fuss, no muss!

Wall Hangings

What you put on your walls can inspire or soothe you throughout the day. You may be interested in one or more prints with a particular theme, e.g., calming beach or ocean view. Or perhaps a motivational expression. You may have degrees or certificates that you would like to display proudly. You may also have some special family or pet photos that you wish to hang on your wall. 

In addition to these aesthetic items, you may also want some functional things. If you’re visual and want reminders or important items noted on the wall, a corkboard or a whiteboard would be perfect. Although electronic calendars are easily accessible, you may prefer having a large calendar on your wall. Lastly, going old-school may be appealing by decorating one wall with a large clock. Wall hangings are great focal points when you need a mental health break.

Air Circulation

Depending on the season, you may need a fan, heater, or humidifier in your home office. A stifling hot office is not conducive to getting work done. Neither are cold feet or hands in the middle of winter. What if you have allergies or asthma? Thankfully, you can choose many fans, heaters, and humidifiers from online or in-store. A desk fan, floor heater, or humidifier may be appropriate for you, depending on the size of your office and how the air flows throughout. 

More Tech

If you have a bit more money in your budget, you may have your eye on a few techy products that could make your workday more productive. An ergonomic mouse or keyboard may make movements easier for you and reduce the risk of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. These products can also be wireless Bluetooth and sync to your laptop. If a new laptop is in your future purchases, you might want to look up some prices, brands, and functionality. As technology constantly evolves, good research is required to determine which laptop or tech product meets your needs. Always stay on the lookout for sales because tech products are expensive to most people. You don’t have to get the most aesthetically looking product, but the functional ones can work wonders for you. 

Choosing What’s Right For You

The beauty of boosting your office decor is that you can do this in stages. Half the fun is visiting websites, looking for that perfect item for your home office, and making a list. Ideally, you will be able to see your wish list of items in-store before you commit to buying. Using your list, you can make some monthly purchases as you can afford them. Remember, you don’t need designer brand products if you are on a budget. Before you know it, your office will be everything that you want. You will feel more productive and energized to work from home. So, what ideas are capturing your inner designer?
This post originally appeared on Hello Sensible.