A Detailed Guide On Selling Feet Pictures On Etsy

How to sell feet pictures on Etsy

There are many ways to make money online that people don’t need any degree or expertise. The one unusual method of making extra money online, that falls under this category, is selling feet pictures. 

Some people might not believe, while others might cringe, but selling feet picture online is a legit business. You can read the success story of a Canadian woman who racked up $70k a year by Selling feet pictures

While there are many platforms that you can pursue this weird business venture, I’ll show you how to sell feet pictures on Etsy. By the end of this post, you’ll understand the business model and how to get started. It is an excellent process to get paid with minimum effort. 

Selling feet picture on Etsy

how to sell foot pics on etsy

Etsy is famous for handmade items. Besides the United States, the online marketplace is also renowned in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and France. 

While you can sell foot pictures on Etsy, there are many other websites where you can try the side hustle. The following are some of the online marketplaces popular for selling feet pictures.  

  • Feetify
  • Instafeet
  • Shutterstock
  • Etsy
  • Feetpics.com

Selling feet pics on Etsy falls under art & collectibles, either under prints or photography subcategories. A quick search on Etsy for the term “feet picture” results in over 2,600 hits. Some of the results are digital guides on “how to make money selling feet pictures on Etsy,” while most others are actual feet picture listings. You can easily find several listings with over 100 sales. It is clear indication that selling feet picture makes money. It could be one of the most simple income-generating side hustles. 

Why sell foot pictures on Etsy?

Etsy provides a platform to those sellers who want to promote their business and reach potential customers. These entrepreneurs do not have no time or technical skills to set up a website. Etsy promotes small businesses, independent artisans, and experts. 

But why sell pictures of your feet on Etsy?

Let’s discuss my top six reasons why you should consider Etsy to sell feet photos.

1. Simple and easy to create listings 

Etsy makes it very easy to create and manage your product listings. All you need is some pictures, an Etsy Shop listing description, inventory, and shipping detail (if applicable). The information to fill in is self-explanatory. One can finish listing products within a minute. You can manage or edit listings on the fly through a PC or cell phone.  

2. Huge customer base 

 Etsy has a customer base of over 80 million shoppers. These buyers are looking for something of their interest to purchase. They already have their credit card on file; ready to check out.

Etsy generated annual revenue of $1.72 billion in 2020. Etsy produced a gross sales of $10.28 billion in 2020 (Statistica). It’s apparent that Etsy has a huge customer base.

3. Few successful sellers

Etsy does not have a considerable seller under selling foot pictures niche yet. At this time, it has a handful of sellers making over 50 sales. It indicates low competition and high potential. It is a perfect time to enter the market.  

4. Easy advertising setup

Etsy has one of the easiest methods of setting up ads for your listings. If you’ve tried setting up an ad on Facebook or Amazon marketplace, you’d know what I’m referring to.

You can turn on Etsy ad under the marketing tab, where you set up a daily budget and select the listing to advertise!

You will need to monitor the ads at the end of every day to analyze, inspect and improve your listing for better customer acquisition. Within few weeks, you’ll have a list of search terms that you rank for. You can blend these search terms in your listing title and description for optimization.

5. Off-site advertisement 

Etsy’s offsite advertisement is one of the blessings in disguise. Etsy advertises products on search engines and social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. The best thing about the offsite advertisement is that there are no upfront fees to the sellers. 

Etsy charges a percentage of the sale only when someone buys it through offsite marketing. The seller does not pay until there is a sale. 

Can I make money selling feet pictures?

sell foot picture on etsy

Selling feet pictures is a legit business. Enough customers are willing to pay for the foot pictures to make it a full-time income.  

Depending on the time you put into the business and your approach, the industry has the potential to earn income. It may not be equivalent to a full-time income, but it does supplement your daily income at the beginning.

Who buys foot pics?

Resellers or businesses use feet pictures to display their product. Fashion and beauty products, lifestyle and exercise products, personal care establishments, jewelry, and shoes businesses can use photos of feet to complement their product or services. 

The feet photos do not have to focus on Foot fetish, erotic and adult industry related.  

How to sell Feet picture on Etsy?

If you’ve decided to sell your feet pictures on Etsy, you can follow the following steps to set up the account and get started.

1. Signup for an Etsy seller account

If you want to become a merchant, you need to sign up for an Etsy seller account using your email address. A basic Esty account will give you access to its marketplace, but selling on Etsy requires a seller account and building an Esty store.

It is always good to set up and register a business before making money. It is always wise to use a business name instead of personal information to remain anonymous for the online business. You can find additional resources on setting up a business in another blog post.

2. Setup your store

When I say to set up a store, I didn’t mean adding the listing yet. Etsy provides the opportunity to set up your business correctly by filling in your business’s information and appearance. It includes shop title, shop announcement, and a message to the buyer if you have any. It would help if you used keywords and key phrases related to your industry or products for SEO optimization. 

It is challenging to make the first sale. The more detailed information you have in your store, the more confident the buyer will feel while making a purchase. If you are serious about your business, you should set up your Etsy store with complete information. 

If you want to do a business out of selling pictures, you should start treating it as one from day one.

3. Add listings

Listing on Etsy is as easy as uploading product pictures and descriptions under the “add a listing” section. Etsy lets you add a max of 10 images. It does not mean you have to add all ten pictures. You should start with not less than four pictures. 

Etsy has also started enrolling videos within listings. It should be one of the advantages that everyone should use.

Title, description, and tags are the three most important aspects of a listing. It is where you should focus on providing an optimized title and description. You should match and compare your listing with the existing listing in the Etsy database that has some significant sales. This way, you’ll piggyback from well-performing listings. 

4. Promote your listings

The fourth leg of making your listing successful is promotion. When it comes to advertising, Etsy has one of the easy and cheapest solutions. You set a maximum amount you want to spend on a day and let the ad run its course. 

The best advertising strategy is to turn on ads for a minimum of two weeks to a month and analyze key terms your listing is ranking. You can revise or edit your tags and listing description based on the results. Advertising is the process of finding the keywords by which customers find your listing. Once you find them, work them into your listing title, description, and tags to reach potential customers. 

The other method of advertising that’s available on Etsy is offsite ads. It helps to display your ads on social media like Facebook and Instagram, google display ads, and Etsy’s native ads. The best part of offsite ads is that the advertiser does not pay any upfront fees. Etsy will only charge a fee during a sale, usually 15% of the sale value. 

How to price your feet pictures? 

The cost of a product has a significant impact on its sale. A product’s cost is directly linked to its quality and affordability for a potential customer. Therefore you must price it right so that the buyer doesn’t feel it’s not worth it or it’s a cheap product at the same time.

How much do you sell foot pictures for?

Your foot picture depends on what’s it worth to you based on your time and effort plus the profit you’re shooting for. Currently, Etsy sellers are charging from $5 to 25$. You’d probably want to price it within this range when you’re starting. You can price it high once you establish authority in the industry.

You’d probably experiment with different price points to set up a baseline. Therefore, do not hesitate to adjust/revise the digital product’s price on Etsy now and then. You should also factor in the selling cost like Etsy fees and payment processing fees while considering the cost of your product.

How can I sell my feet picture without getting scammed?

Stay Anonymous is the key to the online business if you are worried about getting scammed. While the internet is one of the greatest blessings, it also brings cyberbullying, emotional abuse, and exploitation. 

People are more inclined to leave negative comments when they can hide behind their computers. Therefore it is essential to set up your business correctly and conceal your personal information. 

You can use the following steps to stop scammers from accessing your personal life:

  • Keep your personal information private. 
  • Establish a business name instead of the real name
  • Do not share personal information with clients
  • Keep communication professional
  • Keep transactions with the app or selling platform. 

Are feet pics taxable?

The short answer is “Yes .”Selling feet pictures are taxable. Everyone has to pay taxes on net earned income regardless of income source. 

You’ve set up a “Feet picture” business either as Sole Proprietor or single partner LLC. Depending on the business structure, you’ll have to pay self-employment taxes and income taxes on the profit. 

The self-employment tax will apply to any net earnings of $400 or more. It applies to anyone regardless of age or government benefit eligibility. 

It is advisable to keep track of all the business income and expenses. You can use an excel spreadsheet to record your daily transactions and expenses. It will keep you organized for your year-end taxes when it’s due.

How do I pay taxes if I sell my feet pictures?

As a sole proprietor or LLC, you’ll file a Schedule C (Form 1040) and your income tax return to add your feet picture business. You will then carry the profit or loss over to schedule SE (to calculate self-employment tax).